March 24-26 2014 The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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Alan Dipert @alandipert



Alan is a programmer for ViaSat, Inc. He has released and contributed to a wide variety of Clojure and ClojureScript projects.

Web Programming with Hoplon (co-speaking with Micha Niskin)

The war against web browser complexity enters its 17th year this August, and we’re not winning. To date, rich client application development with web technology has had the flavor of trench warfare: we make small gains here and there, only to be beaten back by requirement or technology changes that force us to rethink or rewrite entire stacks.

In the meantime the Web has defeated competing platforms and is now firmly entrenched as the dominant user interface for serious business applications. Web platform technology continues to advance while stakeholders demand ever larger and more capable, robust, and engaging client-side applications. Unless we’re able to find and hold the high ground, our applications will remain fragile, behind schedule, and impossible to reuse in whole or in part.

Lisp. When it comes to programming, it’s maybe the highest ground there is. We have it in the browser with ClojureScript and on the server with Clojure. Hoplon is a set of libraries, tools, and ideas born of Lisp and Clojure/Script that we think can make for better rich web applications.

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