March 24-26 2014 The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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Aysylu Greenberg @aysylu22



Aysylu Greenberg is a Software Engineer in Search Infrastructure at Google. In her spare time, she works on open source projects in Clojure, does oil painting and archery.

Looms and Graphs in Clojure

Graphs are ubiquitous data structures and the algorithms for analyzing them are fascinating. Loom is an open-source library that provides many graph algorithms and visualizations. We will discuss the graph API, look at the implementations of the algorithms and learn about the integration of Loom with other graph representations. We will specifically look at integrating Loom with Titanium to run graph algorithms on graph databases, core.async to visualize the “go” macro's state machine, and Github data to analyze Clojure projects.

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