March 24-26 2014 The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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Denise Zimmerman @westzimm



Having graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science, Denise owned and operated a small business where she utilized her innate skills as a researcher and instructor. She uncovered her love for software development while working on her business website, which led her on an enthusiastic path to changing careers.

After exposing herself to various languages she developed a clear preference for the functional and syntactically sweet style of Clojure. Denise joined Denver’s local users group where she found a synergistic fit working with Daniel, and shortly after began an apprenticeship with Sonian.

Denise and Daniel are now working together on an open source curriculum for Clojure.

Beginner’s Luck (co-speaking with Daniel Glausser)

Have you wanted to learn Clojure but didn't know where to start? Have you wanted to teach Clojure but aren't sure how to work with students? Beginner's Luck is an interactive presentation where student and teacher share their experiences both learning and teaching Clojure over the past four months. The first part of the presentation will be a dialog where both student and teacher will switch off sharing experiences and coding examples of things that went well and the numerous surprises they encountered along the way. The second part will be a review of the open source beginner curriculum that's published on Github.

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