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Matt Bossenbroek is a senior software engineer at Netflix. He works on mining Facebook data to provide TV and movie recommendations. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft where he built semantic technologies on Map-Reduce and for his own startup, where he used machine learning to predict retail inventory levels.

PigPen: MapReduce for Clojure

PigPen is Map-Reduce for Clojure, or Distributed Clojure. You write code that looks and feels like it's running locally, and PigPen does the work of running it on thousands of machines. PigPen is designed to support iterative, REPL-driven development and has full support for local unit tests.

PigPen makes map-reduce development easy because you can do it all in the REPL. You don't have to manage a lot of different files in different languages. Test data can be in the unit test - just like a normal Clojure test. PigPen also does the work of transporting closures to the remote environment. Any parameters or local bindings are available remotely.

Apache Pig is used, but it's just a host language - similar to how Clojure uses the JVM. You don't need to know anything about Pig to get started using PigPen.

We are using PigPen in production at Netflix to analyze and predict viewing behavior. So far it has proven to be a huge time saver because we can test our jobs more accurately before submitting to a cluster.

Check out our github page for more info:

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