March 24-26 2014 The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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Nelson Morris @xeqixeqi

Zenslade Software


Nelson runs Zenslade Software, a software consulting boutique. He's had his hands on many things that make the clojure ecosystem function. He is a co-maintainer of clojars, and has contributed to leiningen (including anything dependency management related), along with several other clojure oss libraries.

Extending Leiningen to Make it Do What You Want

The clojure ecosystem has centered around leiningen as the project tool. Some of the downsides include a limited number of built in tasks and the amount of boilerplate when starting new projects. Additionally, sometimes its nice to extend application specific logic to the command line, such as for database migrations. In this talk, I'll cover some of the internal details of leiningen, and how aliases, plugins, and templates can solve these issues.

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