March 24-26 2014 The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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Priyatam Mudivarti @priyatam

Facjure LLC


Priyatam writes fiction, shoots street-photography, and recently founded Facjure to build open tools for independent publishers. Since 2002, he worked in many industries and built web apps and enterprise software in Java, Groovy, Python, and more recently adopted Clojure. He has published short stories and is currently working on a collection of poems and a novel.

The Poem as Value

A million poems live buried in the public domain. Hundreds of literary magazines archive thousands more that go undiscovered. Humans—even machines, can't curate, annotate, and interact with poems in realtime.

What would Walt Whitman build to restore poems together?

  • a) Curate poems in edn
  • b) Render typography with lambdas
  • c) Build a human api for linguistics
  • d) Discover poems with Om and Elasticsearch

In this talk, I'll share my experience building these apis.

I'll discuss how poets and editors think, how they identify semantic scopes, and what we can learn from them. I'll demo my code with Poetroid, a LightTable-inspired platform, that builds on three similar concepts to discover poetry together: Content, Annotations, Collections.

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