March 24-26 2014 The Palace Hotel San Francisco

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Travis Vachon @tvachon

Utah Street Labs


Travis uses Clojure and ClojureScript daily as a co-founder and general nerd at Utah Street Labs. His passion for Clojure can be traced to his time at the Climate Corporation, where he lead the initial push toward Clojure adoption. He has built web UIs, mobile app backends, Cascalog ETL systems and robust Storm topologies in his capacity as a professional Clojure developer. He can frequently be found at Ithaca, NY tech meetups madly raving about Clojure to anyone who will listen.

cljs All The Things: Full Stack Apps with ClojureScript

JavaScript has a ubiquitous presence in the modern web, not only in the browser but as the substrate for platforms on which developers build web and mobile applications. Thanks in part to Clojure's attitude toward its host platforms, using ClojureScript on these platforms is easy, fun and extremely productive.

In this talk, we'll discuss 8 months of developing mobile and web applications using ClojureScript for both client and server development. We'll discuss the joys of a single-language stack, the pitfalls of riding the bleeding edge, and Clojure's influence on the design and layout of projects at Utah Street Labs. We'll also introduce parseapp-cljs and its accompanying Leiningen template, two tools we built to enable ClojureScript development on's Cloud Code platform.

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